At Our Lady of Eternal Peace we have seen first hand how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world. Many people have lost their loved ones, others their jobs and businesses. Many of us are still struggling with anxiety, but we are not losing hope that the world will be back to its healthy normal state one day soon. The only way to battle this unseen enemy is for us to ensure that everyone around us is safe.
Here at OLEP, we are safe because we are trained to be safe.

Every working day, we are taught to maintain physical distancing and to keep ourselves and our workplace clean and safe; this is especially important when assisting clients inside the office and within park premises.

We are safe because everyone around us is safe.

Everyday, we  practice physical distancing, disinfect ourselves and wash our hands after handling documents and other things. 

 When facilitating interment rites, we always wear our masks, shields, gloves and personal protective equipment.

There are temperature checks before entering and leaving the workplace. There are contact tracing protocols for clients, too. and with the support of the management, we are provided supplements and other items so that we can take care of our health better.

We are safe, because we work in a company that takes good care of us.

Our Lady of Eternal Peace is not just an employer but a friend, a family, a human being.
We are safe because our company believes that being safe starts with all of us.